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EEDC is a WDO (World Development Organization), established and registered at the Spanish Home Office for the European Union. EEDC is a model of a new organization, which as a non-bureaucratic non- governmental entity, provides enormous advantages of speed, network and funding capacity.

For a long time, a significant gap has been observed between the funding of private and the public projects that has created an urgent need for both fast responses for funding and project development. This gap has been fully covered for the first time by EEDC today, allowing better and faster solutions for the public and private sectors needs for funding development and growth within a less bureaucratic and more effective way of operating.


European Economic Development Council

FJ Group provides expertise in the transportation industry through its many partners in the sector. In particular, the aviation sector in Africa is of strategic and growth importance to our group.

Our commitment to achieve excellence and sustained development in the aviation industry has lead us to partner with Air Meridian Inc. please visit their website for more information.


Air Meridian

FJ Energy PTE Limited and The Phoenix Group entered into partnership with Akawa Ibom State Government on the 20th day of March, 2017 when the Memorandum of Understanding “MoU” was executed to embark on licensing and operate Liberty Free Trade Zone in Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. The Phoenix Group is a public affairs company that specializes in articulating the philosophy of federal procurement to small, medium, and large businesses. Since the inception of The Phoenix Group in 1983, it has provided domestic and international clients with knowledge-based strategies that have yielded tangible results in the private and public sectors.

The Phoenix Group’s clear understanding of the political, legislative, and regulatory landscape in Washington, DC U.S.A. has helped Phoenix Group clients manage the ongoing changes affecting today’s global economy and are armed with substantive experience and a documented track record in impacting the politics of the policy-making process in a way that gives your organization a measurable advantage.

Whether it’s designing a new approach for capturing government business or adapting an existing one, The Phoenix Group has helped its clients re-define their business, clarify their vision, and enhance their capacity for learning and growth in order to create lasting value in meeting their goals and objectives.

The Phoenix Group offers a unique blend of talent and expertise in securing a presence with its clients in the Federal Government stage. Whether its navigating Capitol Hill or putting its clients in front of key players and policy makers, The Phoenix Group has had a 95% success rate in delivering government business to its clients and improving their bottom line.
The Phoenix Group also provides technical support in the areas of infrastructure, transportation, and energy, particularly in the international market and works very closely with its clients, often participating in strategic discussions at the highest level within their organizations. The Phoenix Group uses their collective knowledge to define key short-term


Phoenix Group