About FJ Organic

We promote innovative farming practices that yield better harvests, generate revenue, and support exports drive.
Food security is a key driver of economic growth. In the West African Region, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reports that food production continues to outpace the rising population. To sustain the gains, food production inefficiencies will have to be addressed through sustainable agricultural practices.
Moving from an oil dependent revenue base, Nigeria is refocusing its economy on developing its agriculture sector. FJ Organic leads in the promotion of more efficient agriculture and food production systems in West Africa.


Fish Farming Project


Our agricultural investments

Our agricultural investments

We are forging partnerships with the State Government of Nigeria and other states in the Region to commence agricultural initiatives. In each state, we will acquire 50 hectares of land to host agricultural investments that include fish farming, cassava processing and coconut processing.

We are setting up facilities for Green Fish Farming. We expect this project to support the region’s bid for a share in the global fishing export markets. Growth without the unnecessary pressure on natural fish stock is our rally point for making responsible business in this sector.

Cassava is a staple food in the West African Region, with Nigeria being the world’s largest producer. To support efforts in minimizing food insecurity in the region, we are working with local leaders and communities to improve cassava production by adding value to produce which, in turn, raise farming household incomes, promote gainful employment, and allow locals to participate in export markets as well.

Building the future of farming in Africa

Our investments in agriculture involve projects that range from production and processing to marketing and distribution.

Food is our most basic need. Our strategy in running FJ Organic is simple. We find better means to produce and process food that enable us to market it at higher values

Building the future of farming in Africa